We invite you to visit our friendly and relaxing salon 
       under new management. Our salon offers full
     and professional nail care. Enjoy three different
     pedicures as you relax on our comfortable chairs.
 Beside, for our clients safety: we sterilize our metal
               tools by dental sterilizer and use
        disposable buffer, nail file and pumice stone.

(not valid with other offers at the shop)
30% OFF All children under 12 yrs old
      (and services for $ 15.00 & up)
10% OFF   all nails services for
                     $16.00 and up
10% OFFsome waxing services for
                   $20 and up (eyebrows,
                              sideburn,upper lip
                                  chin,underarm )

5% OFF all other waxing services
   We only take appointment for
            waxing and facials